in the mind of a crazy but quite fangirl XD

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I would guess that 'Sodomu' refers to 'Sodom', as in the Biblical sinful city. Thanks for the review!

Thanks so sodom is a city (like japan tokyo?) erm do you know what "hiyocho" means as himehara gets called that a lot..

Here's the Wikipedia article for Sodom, if you're interested. Hiyocho I have no idea about, I'm afraid. Is there kanji for it?

Hi. I know it's an old entry but I just found this thru google.
Desperately looking for another Hachiouji/Himehara fan XD;

Thought I'd let you know, Aota calls Hime 'hiyoko' which means 'chick' (as in a baby chicken) due to his hair. But colloquially it's mostly translated as 'blondie' ^_____^

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