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Masquerade Jigoku Gakuen SODOMU
collin chibi!
So I am going to start uni next week.. and I am not looking forward to it I am going to spend the 1st common year alone... T_T

Anyway on to the last BL game I am playing Masquerade Jigoku Gakuen SODOMU. Expect lots of typos as I am a person who can't proofread well..

So Masquerade is the first game to be released by game company PIL/SLASH who also has a eroge company. I played the game only because I fell in love in the opening (I'll get to music later) seems like a really stupid idea I know and despite the fact that I heard many negative reviews on this game . But playing travel study was really light on the smut content so it should be right I play a game with smut content on 100% max.

So the plot is simple you are Numata Hiroshi  a high schooler who is sexually bullied by Himehara Yoritake. One night Himehara tells you to steal a exam paper form the school at night, so Numata go and does just that. Only to find other people lurking around the school at night that are Himehara, your chemistry teacher Shimeno Ichimi, your senior Hachiouji, a wacky rapist guy in pants and a unknown man in a police uniform. Numata crime is found out quicky by teacher, police man, and himehara. But poilce man (Later called Aota) has a gun and forces the three to go into a class room and tells every one to strip naked to get it on with each other XD. So the police are outside the school trying to capture this police guy but due to having no action super guy to break in to the school      (-_-;), they have to wait things from afar and follow Aota's orders. Later on other people join Numata group like Hachiouji, a annoying reporter and a detective. Now let the long night of orgy and sex play begin!

The game plays on a nice big 600 x 800 window, there are lots of nice functions. Like random character voice systems giving random phases on the title and extra functions. There are about 36 save slot which is meh...but you can type a comment and have a icon. The extra section has the CG gallery which has a % clear metre, the media section to hear the lovely BGM, the scenes to go back to see any smut parts again and finally something really interesting a voice section. Any where though out the game, you can repeat what characters said last time and access a log of talk, here you can save a certain line or phase any character has said. This feature is fun to use ( as half of my phases save come from crazy police guy no 2) I really wish that travel study has this feature snice I always miss what the character says on loading or multitasking also there's a few phases I want to save. Sadly like travel study it is not possible to multitask with this game which sucks..The game also has a function to return to the choice you made before I guess that works as the game's quick save and load..

On to the music, and I am going to rant about hosplug for a while. What I think saves Masquerade is the music. There are only 12 BGM pieces but I think it's really works from soft nice oriental music for lighter romance parts to techno for more darker parts. The opening song "beyond the clouds" (or behide) by hosoi soshi is a great, light, airy, oriental and funky song I have heard and what made me research and get in to hosplug works. Although a dark game to have a opening song like this is quite erm...puzzling. But at least the ending "cyptocrime" also by Hosoi Soshi is the right dark tone, I don't like it as much as the opening because Hosoi Soshi can't sing English right that's all. I think Hosoi Soshi can sing and hit high notes better than I've CG mix, I was just really disappointed when I heard the full version of "under the darkness" which is Kichiku Megane OP.

 Hosoi Soshi is the main man behide hosplug before he was a group called energy field as he is the one who composes most of his music. Hosplug mainly do music for eroge games before doing music for Bl games. Many of these include alicematic, littlewitch's Quartett!, lost child, ayakashi ( I hope he does the music for the tv seires) and many more. I only have a few OSTs and songs from hosplug but believe me they are great. They have the ability to fuse violins and guitars together in a funky beat kind of like Zizz studios expect for zizz studio do more rock and hosplug is more techno/classical. Songs I like the most from hosplug is Quartett! OP and alicematic OP (called SINCLAIR). Finally hosplug next work is Magia mystica from b_works which I got excited from when I watched the demo movie. Hosplug also did the BGM for PIL/SLASH which is Koibito yugi which I want to find but CANT PLAY T_T. 

*Ahem* anyway back to the game and characters

Numata Hiroshi (CV:Kishio Daisuke)

The girl like main character XD. He is weak and is easy to get an advantage of ( as Himehara found out) has 0% confidence (kind of like me..-_-;) is very shy and a loser. As much I love Kishio Daisuke for being naoto in angel feather his voice ranges too much. From being too loud in moaning and being too quite in talking argh! I play this game every midnight to 2 am and I play my game at volume 8, it doesn't help that I can't hear my wimpy uke. So the main character can be uke or seme to Himehara and Hachiouji and only uke to teacher which is a bit lacking. Aota calls him chibi megane and trusts him the most well you are playing him. He is megane character no 1

*spollier* Numata was bullied and pictures of him being striped were taken. Himehara lends him a jumper but at the same time blackmailed him with the picture he had

Himehara Yoritake (Cv: Majima Ryou)

The bully delinquent. He has a lazy loud attitude is quite rude but is concerned with Numata at least. There is something with 2nd or 3rd main characters being likable than the main..Majima Ryou does a good job showing Himehara side I wish he did more BL roles. But he has the same problem in voice range as he is quite in moaning and too loud in talking. Himehara is the long route to finish of course, he kind of dislikes Hachiouji because he is his rival for Numata XD. Aota calls him "hiyocho" (what does that mean?)

*spollier* Himehara is actually rich because his family is a large company

Hachiouji Shin (Cv: Takahashi Hiroki)

The kind, polite and caring senpai, he and numata are in the same club ( which involves looking at the stars). Always puts numata frist and wishes for his safety. Ok he actually likes Numata and confesses to him when they wonder around for play things. Hachiouji is popular with the girls so god knows why he likes numata.Takahashi Hiroki frist role in a BL game! (with tamayuna being 2nd) instead of being the crazy haruma Kenji in school rumble, he plays a calm character but his voice ranges changes too much. His path was ok but I felt sorry for him in the ruler paths plus there's not a lot of background on him which is a shame because I really like his character. He is megane character no 2

*spollier* Hachiouji was on the school roof at night looking at the stars which is his reason for being in the school this late

Shimeno Ichimi (Cv:Ichijou Kazuya)

The air headed chemistry teacher, likes to eat orange candy to calm his nerves but is very childish and inoance. He cares a lot for his students as he begs Aota to release the children. He doesn't get sexually abused a lot as much as the main 3 characters. His path is short and little detail is given is given to him at first plays but as you replay a lot more. His image and character peals aways slowly with a dark past... Ichijou Kazuya (as much as I keep hearing him in every BL game) does really good in this role as it's a character he doesn't play often although his moaning is not good..

*spoiller* Shimeno Ichimi is the young twin brother of Aota Seiji. The two before were very close until an event happened where the two were kiddnap and messed around with older men. Ichimi killed one of those men and after that the two were split to live a different life. So Ichimi totally forgot and lived a life as a teacher, but the truth is he has a split personalty. Which brings out his crazy, rapist, kid like side. Yes the crazy rapist man in pants was Shimeno Ichimi 0___0. After gaining the 3 main character routes ichimi turned into his other side, reunited with his beloved brother and switched places with him. Ichijou Kazuya  does a great jobs voicing that side in a higher crazy tone and 90% of his phases when he took Aota place I have they are too funny.

Aota Seiji (Cv: Yasumoto Hiroki)

The run away police man, who has no where to go. So he forces the main characters to strip and do ecchi things to each other. A very threating, angry man who has a twisted mind when it comes to ecchi things XD. Yasumoto Hiroki has a very deep voice and there's a good balance of evil along of uncertainness.

*spollier* Aota Seiji  is the older twin brother of Shimeno Ichimi. Aota unlike lchimi remembers the event and is on the kill of the guys who ruined thier childhood. But Aota thinks he killed the man of the event of their past. Also Aota has been sexualy threated by workmates when he joined the army XD. He switched with ichimi to kill the people who dare to threaten him.

Ooizumi Shingo (Cv: Narita Ken)

The really annoying news reporter has a lively personality . Is in TV slots for PIL TV, was outside the school and wished to take food into the school to get a good news scope. Instead he joined the rest in a smut feast. Narita Ken does a good job in bring out the lively but annoying guy, plus when he moans he makes me laugh.

Takaura Shigeru (Cv: Hiyama Nobiyuki)

The determined detective, who puts himself in fount of others. Wants to help others is a bit aggressive but for the right reasons. Hiyama Nobiyuki makes him sound older plus he moans it's not sexy.. unlike his other role in Sensitive Pornongraph

I think Masquerade really over did the smut content, it's too much. A good BL game needs a good balance of story, characters, voice, art, music and smut. The smut and moaning gets too old and boring which is a shame. Plus what's with the title it's long! I understand the meaning on "masquerade" and "hell school" but what is "sodomu" ( I hate my lack of not knowing Japanese ) I really don't get a dark game that is mainly on orgy and scenes that mainly work in hentai, how can this appeal to the female market? I mean are there girls who have such taste who likes stuff like this? (well yes there are fan sites on this game)  

So that's it my last BL game I am going to play for a while, as I am going to do my degree at my uni.

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I would guess that 'Sodomu' refers to 'Sodom', as in the Biblical sinful city. Thanks for the review!

Thanks so sodom is a city (like japan tokyo?) erm do you know what "hiyocho" means as himehara gets called that a lot..

Here's the Wikipedia article for Sodom, if you're interested. Hiyocho I have no idea about, I'm afraid. Is there kanji for it?

Hi. I know it's an old entry but I just found this thru google.
Desperately looking for another Hachiouji/Himehara fan XD;

Thought I'd let you know, Aota calls Hime 'hiyoko' which means 'chick' (as in a baby chicken) due to his hair. But colloquially it's mostly translated as 'blondie' ^_____^

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