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collin chibi!
It's been a while since I posted here..well I've been busy with university. Now that I finished my studies I walk away with a 2.2 in pharmacology (booo!) and no idea about what jobs to go for..

Anyway I have a lot of time to do the things I wanted in particular drawing. Less in writing because I've been doing that a lot in exams.

But really there a few things I wanted to express my feelings on torchwood in particular.

I think the frist thing is torchwood season 2 in japanese..I am so odd! But as a fan of anime, japan and torchwood I can't help to watch season 2 episodes in japanese dubs a while back. I wanted to say that it really was similar as the frist season all deep unrecognizable seiyuu voices not made better by captain john VA. But what I wanted to say is a little well done to jack and Ianto's VA for putting a little extra sounds for the kiss (epi 2) and making out (epi 11) scenes. I actually thought it was good! ahah not really a surprise because male seiyuu are good at doing BLCDs in particular karami sences.

It seems that season 3 of torchwood has aired in japan too, i would like to see it in japanese dub but it's not on nico nico douga.  It seems like these episodes are in sub only. i watched a little promo for it which really is clips and a japanese voice over with some background music. But wow the bgm used was sooooo corny and cheesy.

Anyway moving on to the upcoming season of torchwood, I am really excited for it. I know I had mixed emotions on children of earth especially with Ianto dead (I am still feel sad over that). But after a year I am ready with more torchwood and I really like to see more male romantic relationships with captian jack  (as he is also a favourate character of mine).

I do feel disappointed that the airdate for the UK is delayed and america gets it frist. I am going to download it frist and watch it because of my nature as I am terrible with looking at spoilers. But it is likely that I will watch it on the bbc as well. But hey! Look on the bright side as the UK does get 3 brand new radio dramas with the return of Ianto that america is not likely going to get. I am looking forward to those radio dramas as well.

The final thing about torchwood is these 4 panel comics I wanted to share. I did these 4 panel torchwood comics in pencil for fun last year, really I wanted to try doing 4 panel comics. I did'nt have a scanner back then, but now I actually brought a scanner and finally decided to scan them and post them online for other torchwood fans to comment and enjoy mostly. These went on one of the torchwood forums but I don't think no one going to give me comments. So I am going to post them here I guess I should spread these around (in particular the torchwood LJ community but I am shy..).

So anyway here they are

character introductions


Ianto dear diary series

part 1:
part 2:
part 3:
part 4:

Bored Jack

part 1:
part 2:

Sex life talks


How long can one go on without sex

part 1:
part 2:
part 3:
part 4:
part 5:

Season 1 recap comics

Everything changes:
Day one:
Ghost machine:
Small worlds:
Geeks bearing gifts:
They keep killing suize:
Random shoes:
Out of time:
Captain Jack harkness:
End of days:


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спасибо (btw I don't speak russian but I used google translate)

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