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It's been a while: No.6, torchwood and other rants
collin chibi!

I've been trying to do too many things at once, but fail to do anything at all. I blame the internet of all things and I blame No.6.

Now that I am a post grad of science I've been trying to find a job of a lab tech, being a part of job seekers is no easy task it's stressful to apply for 8 jobs per 2 weeks. But so far I think it's going ok, I've had one interview that I didn't get and another one plus I might be volunteering at the science museum so I am looking for it.

As for interests the summer has passed and with it my 2 interests of torchwood and NO.6 so I just like to talk about them.

I was really surprised to hear that torchwood was coming back I thoughtafter watching children of earth that torchwood was done for. But they came back, I must admit my excitement for this fourth series was not as big as series 3. I wrote some pre thoughts of the season on my previous messy entry.

Anyway I thought the series was too long as many fans on the doctor who forum say it really should of been 5 episodes and I kind of agree. I did like some episodes like 7, I liked the male on male scenes because I am a yaoi fangirl and all. The whole storyline of immorality was great and actually made me want to know how they did it, but the actual reason for it was just...argh it didn't make any sense to me anyway. I thought the last episode was anti-climatic as well as trolling me because I am not keen on Rex being immortal. I didn't really like much of the new characters for this series, at least Gwen, Jack, Rhys and Andy are still there. I was talking about torchwood to my friend and she asked me why I still follow torchwoodeven though my fav character has died. The answer is simple because of jack, he was at least slowly returning to Jack form (with a few Ianto references thrown in, that did make me feel a bit happy).

Overall what a let down this series was. I didn't mind the America transition, I think the problem was the pacing and the rushed ending. Also I think No.6 had a part for taking my attention/interest away from torchwood.

I do really want to talk about NO.6 because even though the series was really rushed and the ending didn't follow the novel at all, I love this series and would like to thank studio BONES for introducing me to the novels. For me NO.6 is just great and better than this season of torchwood (shock). The story is decent for a sci-fi series but really the key thing for me is the relationship of Shion and Nezumi because it is something I've never seen or read before. The close relationship of two boys without the need of sex or love which torchwood is guilty of (the sex in particular and the rushed love story). I don't really care if the two or gay or not I just want them to be together, being a BL fan I can't really classify Shion/Nezumi's relationship it's kind of similar to jack/gwen's in a way but a little bit more closer.

I really like Nezumi character he kind of has a angry, clever, charming andconflicting characteristic. He has now entered my fav characters of all time and his interaction with Shion is great. Shion character is interesting as well for being a airhead but a yandere. I have new respect for kaji yuki (before I thought he was a girl and thought the characters he played were annoying, but I don't approve of that line he said in ro-ru-bu... kaji shame on you!) and a new love for Hosoya Yoshimasa. That name is difficult to say but wow his singing voice is wonderful, I wish he would do some BLCDs but I don't think he is ever going to any after the popularity of nezumi. So I guess the mock uke role in oni-chan-suki-ja-na is all I am getting.

All of the episodes are wonderful and I have so many fav moments to list (lets see the kiss, the dance, placing hand on chest). I must admit that episode 11 is not that bad, it was rushed and unfaithful to the novel ( I have not read the novels but I have read translations summaries of them). But it was interesting to see Nezumi reaction to Shion cheap death. I was sad to see the two apart but I guess I understand the reason for it baised on people options in the aarinfantasy forum, I am hopeful that they will meet again so yay for open endings!

Overall I feel really really sad that NO.6 has ended, I have this void now in me waiting for the fall season of anime to fill in. I think I have NO.6 anime withdrawal.

Finally thanks to NO.6 I decided to listen to a few Kaji Yuki BLCDs and play a recent BL game he was in which is Nessa no Rakuen, I didn't get too far at all. But I'll type my first impressions of it, the story so far is interesting, it is about a English man called Will who belongs to a pharmaceutical company going to a fictional foreign place tofind out about a fruit/plant/herb/thing that has a potential effect (I heard it was immorality?). The thing belongs to a royal family consisting of a king, his 2 sons/princes and servant. Due to a number of events Will managed to get in to the royal family but as a whore.

So far I've nearly finished Ashraf route, all I have to say is that I am disappointed in Nojima Kenji seme voice! I thought he would be a great seme (after hearing him in a lot of blood c episodes) but during the H scenes he sounds so out there like he isn't having sex
at all or not being seme enough (he sounds a bit too uke). I can at least say that kaji uke voice (his seme voice is soooo bad!) is
better but some times he screams too much.

Anyway that's it for now, finally I like to say that I am getting annoyed at the spam comments left on my journals sometimes, who ever you are please stop it.

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Thanks and sorry for the late reply, I am kind of busy these days

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Thank you for your comment and sorry about the late reply..I am busy these days

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